Separation And Isolation In Richard Ford's 'Great Falls'

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English 105 September 28, 2011 “Great Falls” “Great Falls”, written by Richard Ford, is a short story based off the universal issue of separation and isolation. It is a first person narrative which focuses on the issues Jackie, the main character, undergoes throughout most of his lifetime. Jackie is forced to become an adult in a shorter amount of time than most people have. This is all due to the separation of his parents which causes him to be isolated from them, therefore in life. On the way back to the house from fishing and hunting, Jackie's father asks Jackie if he ever worries about girls and sex. Jackie has no involvement on the matter, instead is more concerned whether his father or mother will die before him. This goes to…show more content…
Most of the story's setting is at night, enclosed in darkness. One example is when, during the scene of the feud between Mr. Russell and Woody, Jackie's “mom walked out of the floodlamp light carrying her bag, turned the corner at the front porch steps and disappeared toward the olive trees that ran in rows back into the wheat.” (292) She stepped from the light and in the distance disappeared in the dark. This could go to resemble her life and what it has become and thereafter. She married Jack Russell in hopes to “leave the sticks and see the world…show more content…
Ford wrote this short story in a pattern that describes what happened at first glance by the point of view of a child to what actually happens by the point of view of an adult. The timing of the story is as stated above, throughout a lot of Jackie's lifetime, but is in flashback form starting at the events that lead to where he is now. The story moves forward in time but skips certain periods of time the author didn't feel the need to associate into the story; therefore, we see only the major event and what has happened as a result of

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