A Separate Peace

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A Separate Peace Innocence is like a parent. It keeps you from seeing the reality in the world. Until the parent thinks the time is right, someone will see everything in a simple way. Only when the time is right will someone see the wickedness of the world and know the real way of life. And what happens when the time is right? In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, he expresses the truth that the events in Gene and Finny’s life prompt a loss of innocence among the boys of Devon. He shows this theme through similes, irony, and foreshadowing. John Knowles uses similes to show the theme that events in Gene and Finny’s life reveal a loss of innocence among the boys at Devon. “The two sharp groups of noises sounded to my ears like rifles being fired in the distance” (Knowles 151). In this quote Gene compares noise he hears like rifles, which could be used in war. This shows the theme by showing that Gene knows war is real, and he is not afraid to admit it, unlike Finny who does not think the war is real. This occurs to show a difference of thoughts between two best friends, and to show that Gene lost his innocence in the subject of war. “They unrolled away impervious to me as though I were a roaming ghost, not only tonight but always, as thought I had never played on them a hundred times, as thought my feet had never touched them, as though my whole life at Devon had been a dream, or rather that everything at Devon, the playing fields, the gym, the water hole, and all the other buildings and all the people there were intensely real, wildly alive and totally meaningful, and I alone was a dream, a figment which had never really touched anything” (Knowles 189). This quote relates to the theme because Gene is at the stadium remembering how things used to be at Devon, until he lost his innocence when Finny hurt his ankle. He feels like everything he had once known was a
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