Sentences: Why Abe Lincoln Had To Be A Dream

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Sentences 1. Humans are aerobic and viviparous species because they cannot survive without oxygen and produce living offspring from within the mother’s body. 2. Chinese salamanders are classified as amphibians due to their long tails and slender bodies, which allow them to survive in water or land. 3. The gas spill disturbed the ecology of the area because of the heavy discharges of biocidal wastes unleashed into the ocean. 4. Biodegradable substances provide viable solutions to the microorganisms inside the ground. 5. I realized my confrontation with Abe Lincoln had to be a dream because we were not coevals. 6. In was asked to produce a short vita for the application I was handing in for the new job opening at the bank. 7. My professor was in Egypt studying reincarnation but had to end his trip living as an…show more content…
My father is an exurbanite; he commutes from our home in the country to the city everyday. 9. My nutritionist told me to start a macrobiotic diet so I could lose weight, but I said no because I hate vegetables. 10. Ever since Michael broke up with his girlfriend he has been a troglodyte. He is being so reclusive; he has not left his room or used his phone in weeks. 11. The doctors thought Neil wasn’t going to make it through the night until suddenly Neil resuscitated due to a dramatic increase in his heart rate. 12. For Mark Johnson, a math teacher, the weekend was a busman’s holiday. He spent most of the day helping his nephew with his algebra. 13. Michael became insulted when I paid for our lunch; I guess he assumed we would be having a Dutch treat. 14. Two weeks into my European history class each student is given the option whether to fish or cut bait. I had failed the first test so I decided to but bait and drop out. 15. After being warned about the money of a two week stay at the most expensive hotel in New York, Jane took French leave because she realized she could not afford the bill and did not want to pay the

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