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QUT Digital Repository: Exley, Beryl (2010) Narratives for novices : is there a place for edgy texts in edgy NAPLAN communities? Practically Primary. (In Press) © Copyright 2010 ALEA. Final author copy: written for “Practically Primary”, October 2010 edition, published by ALEA Images removed due to copyright. Narratives for novices: Is there a place for edgy texts in edgy NAPLAN communities? Beryl Exley, Queensland University of Technology The genre of narratives has become the genre of choice in many classrooms since the introduction of NAPLAN into Australian schools. Yet, Knapp and Watkins (2005) argue that narratives are the least understood of all the genres. Despite wide-spread…show more content…
This debate matters less than the rich understandings that would ensue if opened up for discussion with students. How do they understand and talk about the categories of texts? The two main characters in My Place in Space are Henry and Rosie, two likeable Aussie kids who respond to their bus driver’s challenge to describe where they live. Instead of giving an everyday response based on the locations identified along the bus route, Henry and Rosie launch into a detailed description more closely aligned with the disciplinary knowledge of an astronomer. Their duologue is all the more comical for the way they egg each other on and incorporate over-the-top gestures to enhance their message. I’d like to diverge for a moment and offer a cautionary tale about information narratives. A friend of mine took his son to the children’s session at the Brisbane planetarium. The show was about two children who embark on a dragon ride to explore the constellations in the night sky. After the show, when my friend asked his son to identify what he had learnt, the child’s response was ‘I learnt dragons live in caves’. There’s two important points here. First, information narratives can engage learners in disciplinary knowledge. The second point is that exposure to…show more content…
  of which evidences two embedded clauses (one of the eight major planets which circle the star called the Sun) evidence of technical vocabulary (planet, star , sun, 150 million kilometres) no evidence of human participants; all participants relate to the structure and elements of the natural

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