Sensory Loss Essay

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Describe how a range of factors have a negative and positive impact on individuals with sensory loss:  A person with sensory loss will experience problems with receiving or interpreting information coming to them from one of their five senses which are Smell, Touch, Taste, Hearing and Sight.  If someone experiences a loss of one of these senses then sometimes one of their other senses will compensate for the loss, there are many negative factors to a person with sensory loss and these can impact on the individual’s wellbeing and their everyday activities. By preparing the individual for any tests or choices that can be made rather than imposing them on the individual.  An individual may feel that they are too old to adapt to new products such as hearing aids or glasses, if they have had the problem for years then they will think why bother to change things, and they may feel that they are not clever enough or too old to try new things like braille. By providing help and support for the individual and further deterioration may be minimised.  Everyday tasks like dressing (wearing mismatched or soiled clothing) feeding (stop eating as they spill or are unable to see their food) mobility (bump into things or walk slowly and have no confidence) can be difficult as can communication with others this may lead to the individual feeling isolated as they avoid situations where conversations are expected so lose out on social interaction which can leave the individual feeling alone and depressed. The individual may need changes but we need to be aware of this and to speak to the individual and include them in all discussions and changes if need be.  Family members may become upset when they realise their loved ones have a sensory loss, when an individual has been given an aid to help them, be it a hearing aid, new glasses, white cane or guide dog then the

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