Sensory Loss Essay

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Understand sensory loss 1.1 Analyse how a range of factors can impact on individuals with sensory loss. There are many different factors that can cause an impact on a indervidual who has sensory loss, communication is the key with sensory loss, to make sure sombody who is deaf or hard of hearing for example, has the right equiptment to help with their communication sush as the hearing aids, a signs person and the right approac to their sensory loss. Sombody with sensory loss may also find it hard to cook, clean and feed themselves. get themselves dressed, comply with their hobbies and interests, all of this could have a negative impact on their way of living. For example could cause the person to become depressed, isolate themselves or to feel scared and alone. Positive factors that could impact on the inderviduals life is that they will get incresed help, aids for support, and the right support team around them such as carers, nurses social services etc could give them a better quality and outlook on life. 1.2 Analyse how societal attitudes and beliefs impact idividuals with sensory loss. Societal attitudes and beliefs can impact on individuals with sensory loss in quite a negative way because people in society can be very judgemental. People in society can also be very prejudice and ignorant by acting and thinking they are better than people with sensory loss, also people who do not understand or who are ignorante to sensory loss think that because that person is different to them they think it gives them the right to make fun about them and this makes life difficult for the person with sensory loss, this could cause the person to become very withdrawn, isolated or become depressed. this could result in them loosing out on social involvment and interaction. lack of knowledge to sensory loss also has its problems for example if a carer was to looking
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