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Sensory Language Sensory language is used in our everyday lives, even if we don’t know it. Most pieces of writing have only some of the senses; sight, audio, smell, taste, and touch. Sensory language is used to refine the author’s literature. Two exquisite example of sensory language would be, “The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson” by Leo Tolstoy and “Grandma Ling” by Amy Ling. “The Old Grandfather and His Grandson” is about an old man who is treated like a burden on his son and daughter-in-law. They do not let the old man eat with them at the table, and he is very insubstantial so the daughter-in-law always scolds him; unknowingly she sets a bad example for her young son;Misha. One day Misha makes a wooden bowl and tells his mother and father that when they are elderly he will feed them out of that bowl the couple quickly realize what they have done, and shamefully ask the grandfather to eat with them, and they try hard to involve him in the family, even with what little time they have left with him. “Grandma Ling” is about a girl who waited twenty years to meet her grandmother, and when she finally sailed half way across the world to Taiwan, she met her. She could not interact with her Grandmother through words, but through hugs and stares. Connections can easily be made with the outside world when using sensory language. In “The Old Grandfather and His Grandson”, the Grandfather has a supple touch, which reminds me of my grandmothers mellow touch. He also has bad hearing and weak eyes, and my grandfather is deaf on his right ear and he has very lousy eye sight. In “Grandma Ling”, the grandmother has softly measured feet, and when someone grows old they tend to walk with grace. Sensory language is used throughout all pieces of writings, and literature. The author uses sensory language to highlight the details in the moral of the story. It will

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