Sensory Experience Essay

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Familiarisation is the act of becoming used to a place or situation. We do this whenever we enter a room; it’s the body’s natural response to get used to a space and to become familiar with surroundings in order to feel a sense of safety. Imagine you are walking down a hallway and you are familiar with your surroundings, you know what is coming, what has passed, and how the space works. Now imagine that you have no memory of the space and that you cannot see your environment. For all you know you could be about to walk down a flight of stairs, or straight into a wall. This unexpected danger reminds me of when you are walking into the ocean, and without warning the sand drops away, sending you into an sudden plummet. This feeling of insecurity is what happened to me. Once I was blindfolded I lost all confidence to freely move around my surroundings. My preconceptions of the immediate space slowly faded the further away I moved from my familiarisations. My mind tried to use my memory of the space to paint the picture of what I was about to experience. These mental images only confused me more as I would expect to touch a wall that my mind had told me was there, however leaning forward, I would only fall through this nonexistent wall. This double trickery of mental images and sightlessness made this experience incredibly nerve wrenching. My movement through the space was very hesitant, apart from the constant waving of my arms, trying to feel the space. I was resisting the temptation to move at any great pace because I was frightened by what I could not see. The fear of falling or hitting something was withholding any flowing movements, restricting them to slow and close actions that aided in attaining any knowledge of the space. Sight is the most important sense in everyday life, and having it taken away, you feel rather helpless. Your other senses do barely

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