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Sensory Perceptions by: Michael Gordon for: E. Joe Holt, Ph. D. Philosophy 210 Date: 15 April 2012 Simply defined sensory perception is the stimuli a person takes in from their environment whether it's smell, taste, touch, etc., processes that information and comes to a conclusion on what it is or how they feel about it. From birth we as humans start learning how to fine tune our five basic senses which are: Taste Touch Smell Hearing Sight Starting with the sense of sight it was long believed that newborns were blind from birth and eventually overtime gained the ability to see. It wasn't until the 1960's with the pioneering research of Robert Fantz that this myth was dispelled. It is now known that from birth to six weeks babies can see at a depth of eight to twelve inches, after six weeks that distance expands to two feet and by six months their sight is as good as it ever will be. At birth we are all auditory dominant meaning that a great deal of our stimuli comes from our hearing. According to the mayo clinic babies develop the ability to hear at 18 weeks in to the pregnancy. Babies still in the womb can hear all the bodily noises of the mother, the heartbeat, stomach growling and outside influences as well like the television and music and react to them just like the mother does. If the mother's heartbeat rises so does the fetus and if the mother is listening to music that makes her happy the fetus will react accordingly, it is also believed that if mother's while pregnant listen to classical music this helps in positive brain development. Known as the “Mozart Effect” it is believed that fetus's hearing classical music will have a better developed spatial-temporal reasoning. This is the ability to visualize and solve complex problems like architecture, engineering, science, mathematics, art, games, and everyday life.

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