Sensorial Essay

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Sensorial 1. Knobbed Cylinder a. Title – Knobbed Cylinder (diameter & height increases) block ‘A’ # materials-mat,(wooden knobbed cylinder) block ‘A’ #presentation;- 1)lay out the mat on the floor slowly and smoothly on the correct way. 2)bring the knobbed cylinder comfortably in such a way that the base is lying just below the chest level. 3)hold the base of knobbed cylinder with both hands at its two ends with the index and middle fingers in the front and thumbs backward. 4)keep the base of knobbed cylinder on the mat. 5)give introduction about the materials in detail. 6)hold the knob of cylinder with three fingers ie.middle,index & thumb of right hand. 7)now take out the first and last cylinder and keep them just below the base. 8)check the child whether he is watching or not. 10)then place back the cylinder to their respective holes. 11)now take out all the cylinder one by one keep them just below the block. 12)have an eye contact to the child and then place back all the cylinders in their correct holes, starting from the left side. 13)ask the child to the exercise and place back the materials in its correct place. Note;-when the child becomes perfect in the very exercise, keep the cylinders randomly. # control of error;- if the cylinders are not inserted in the correct hole, the cylinder will not fit well in the hole or there will be remaining cylinder at the end of the exercise. # Direct aim;- this exercise aims to develop the child’s visual discrimination of dimension,concentration,eye-hand co-ordination and muscle control. # Indirect aim;-this exercise also prepare for writing easy eg.control of movement,learning how to hold a pencil and it teaches mathematical concept through the regular differences in the cylinder. # Right age;-2.5 years # variation;-child can cap the different bottles according to their mouth’s
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