Sensitive Mothering Essay

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MONTESSORI CENTRE INTERNATIONAL 18 Balderton Street, London W1K 6TG, United Kingdom Tel 00 44(0) 20 7493 8300 ( Fax 00 44 (0) 20 7629 7808 TITLE SHEET for Distance Learning Students Is English your first language: No STUDENT NAME: STUDENT NO: NAME OF MARKER: Jan DATE OF SUBMISSION: 16.3.2015 ASSIGNMENT NO: 5 BIBLIOGRAPHY ENCLOSED: Yes I declare that this work is my own and the work of others is acknowledged by quotation or correct referencing. I declare that this work has not been copied from another student(s) past or present at this or any other educational institution, or from any other source such as the internet. Name: Date: 16.3.2015 Please write the assignment title in FULL below: | | |Sensitive mothering is essential to the social and emotional development of the child. Discuss this statement in the context of relevant developmental theory.| Most common situation each person experiences from time to time is a crying baby. Whether it is in a public transport, on the street in a pram, on airplane or anywhere else, there is always his mother (or a caregiver) who will try to make the baby calm. But why the mother tries to make her baby calm? Babies from their birth seek attachment by being looked after; cared for and for their needs to be attended. In most cases it is the mother who attends to the child’s needs. This is because, as Bowlby states, mothers have biological needs to be close to their babies and to respond quickly both to their smiles and to their signals of distress (Sylva & Lunt, 1989). There has been many studies done on importance of infant attachment to his
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