Sense and Sensibility

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Discuss the respective artistic attributes of the Print and Film versions of Austen’s Sense and Sensibility endorsing your partiality in a comprehensive manner. Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and its Adaptation by Emma Thompson The intricate and complex nature of human feelings always mesmerizes artists. Hence, they tend to explore them through their works of art. Jane Austen (1775-1817) was one of the most revered female authors in the English literary arena who explored both human nature and the society in which humans dwell in and according to Prof. Eisha Hewabowela “Sense and Sensibility (1811) is an extensively memorable narrative about two very different siblings, namely, Elinor, the calm Dashwood daughter full of prudence and good sense, and her younger sister, the impulsive, passionate and pretty Marianne who is very close to the older sister” (Hewabowela 1). Like Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen’s novels are comedies of manners that depict the self-contained world of provincial ladies and gentlemen and they often revolve around the delicate business of providing husbands for daughters who are at the marriageable age. In this work of fiction, Jane Austen deals with the Dashwood sisters and their emotional involvement with the opposite sex. The plot gradually develops around these two sisters and the novel contains “insightful observation, a dazzling kind of brilliant wit, and penetratingly intelligent characterization of immense value” (Hewabowela 2). Thus, this memorable work became a popular read and gained recognition among readers of all ages and all times. With the immense popularity it received, it became an object of interest among filmmakers around the globe and this novel was adapted into several films and mini-series. In this discussion, I will mainly focus on the 1995 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility film directed by Ang Lee and
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