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STRENGTHENING RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES A PRE REQUISITE FOR THE ATTAINMENT OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TRANSFORMATION AGENDA By R. A. Gurin, & Mr. J. N. Bisong Department of Research and Innovation National Universities Commission, Abuja-Nigeria PRESENTED AT 6TH WARIMA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND WORKSHOP HELD AT OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSIRTY, ILE-IFE 24 OCTOBER,2012 Abstract In line with the necessity to transform the nation and participate actively in the global economy, the Federal Government has in addition to NV: 20:2020 recently launched a National Transformation Agenda aimed at facilitating development and promoting the country’s vision for sustainable development. Based on the government’s vision to transform and uplift the nation to its rightful place in the comity of nations, modalities for the attainment of this laudable national project have placed emphasis on relevant areas of focus; of which are found challenging to the university system. However, despite the important need of exploring critically on the available potentials of the Nigerian universities to advance the cause of this agenda, not much has been done to place the system on the premium. In respect to the desired need to effectively mobilize the nation’s resources to serve and respond positively to the attainment of this laudable national project, the paper examines the significant roles and potentials of the Nigerian university system in generating greater capacities and advancing the different sectors of our economy and the disconnect between the policies and programmes identified by the government for the attainment of the project vis-à-vis the research knowledge-based and expertise of the Nigerian universities. It identified as most worrisome, that despite the enormous potentials and expertise available in the

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