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Senior Project Journal Entries 1. You must write a journal entry every time you document hours for your senior project. In other words, every time you work on your project you need to complete a journal entry. At the end of your project, your journal entries should read like “the story” of your Senior Project experience. You must have a minimum of 12 entries by the end of your project, and 15 hours must be spent WITH your mentor. 2. Date each journal entry. If you are doing the same thing for an extended period of time (for example: for an entire week you practiced the G scale on the guitar each day for an hour) then you may block your time and only write one journal entry for that block of time (January 1-10, 2010). Keep in mind that if you block your time for your journal entries, you still need to write a minimum of 12 separate entries by the end of your project. 3. Each journal entry needs to include your personal thoughts and experiences regarding the work you did that day. • What…show more content…
I spoke with two people and left a message at Horizon Books. Both of the people I spoke with referred me to a manager, and the managers both agreed to donate at least ten used books and a $25 donation! I thanked them for their time and generosity and made arrangements to come by this weekend to pick up the donations. I found that I did not know what to say when the managers asked me who to make the donation check out to. After looking through the senior project book and my project requirements list, I discovered that I need to have the managers make the check out to the program I am donating to (“Read Around the World”) and that the check needs to be handled by my mentor. I will call the managers back tomorrow after school to inform them of my discovery and contacting my mentor to see when she can go with me to pick up the

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