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Revenue Cycle Management 2007 Edition Copyright © 2007 Revenue Integrity Specialist Team University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences All rights reserved INTRODUCTION Welcome! The program is facilitated by the Revenue Integrity Specialist Team (RIST). Our mission is to conduct timely and consistent reviews of patient registrations, provide feedback, education and training, and serve as a resource for access personnel at UAMS. Our main telephone is 501-686-5102. Visit us on the web at for direct contact information and helpful resources. Enjoy the class! OBJECTIVES DAY 1 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Define the Revenue Cycle and identify your role in it List the 3 functions of patient access services Define the role of the medical record Correctly interpret key identifiers on a patient label Demonstrate proper patient search and name entry procedures Give an example of PHI Name the Anti-Dumping act Give 2 advantages of participating in a accreditation survey Name two examples of negative body language Give two examples of a living will Explain the differences between an HMO, PPO and POS plan Identify the purpose of pre-certifications and prior-authorizations Describe the function(s) of a plan code Briefly describe COBRA coverage OBJECTIVES DAY 2 Define a Medigap plan Differentiate between BCBS products Give 2 examples of a TPL Identify who is eligible for Black Lung coverage and when to bill it List advantages of Pre-registration and insurance verification Name the 2 billing offices at UAMS Identify registration requirements for Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare Differentiate between insurance products Bill plans in the correct order OBJECTIVES DAY 3 • • • • • • • • • Online Resources IMA Web University Pre-Registration Insurance Verification VoiCert Eligibility Assistant VisionShare Verification Assistant - Address

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