Senior Living Essay

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Encouraging senior communities can be beneficial to not only the senior but the seniors loved ones as well. Senior living communities can provide peace of mind to relatives concerned about the senior’s well-being. Senior Living Communities are places where the aging population can live to make life easier and more fulfilling. As a person ages their needs and abilities may change in a way that they require more assistance than was needed in earlier life. Reasons that a senior citizen may be encouraged to live in a senior specific community can vary from cost efficiency to medical necessity. There are seniors that prefer living in a residential community over independent living but encouragement to do so should be based on individual needs. The decision for a senior to live in a residential facility should be based on the person having the best quality of life. Seniors living in residential communities are at less risk for depression than those that live alone. Edelman, P., O'Brien, C., Loftus, E., & Engel, R. (2010) Studies have shown that seniors that live in residential communities have better mental wellness than those that live alone. Edelman, P., O'Brien, C., Loftus, E., & Engel, R. (2010). The decline of physical or mental abilities is one reason a senior citizen may voluntarily or involuntarily move to a senior living community. In this case being around other seniors with similar health concerns can make the person feel less isolated as opposed to living with a relative that provides care. Often times seniors decide to live in residential communities to avoid being a burden on their children or other relatives. Those feelings are less present in senior living communities because the employees have chosen to take care of others. Old age is often accompanied by disease and physical deterioration that leaves the person incapable of caring for
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