Seneca Falls Vs. Declaration Of Independence

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The Seneca Falls Declaration and the Declaration of Independence are very similar in many ways. Elizabeth Stanton felt strongly about womens rights and how unfair they were compared to a males rights. She set up the first suffrage for the Sentiments on the Declaration of Independence. Stanton and her group wanted to prove to not only the men but to everyone that womens rights were completely unfair and there needed to be a change. A genius idea came to her and she decided that she would go off of the Declaration of Independence which was written about how Great Britain tried running our country and how they completely took advantage of us. Instead of stating how Britain treated us wrong, she substituted women as the United States and put men in as Great Britain. What the womens Seneca Falls Declaration stated was how women could not own property once they married and how that was completely unfair. It also described how it was against Proper Victorian culture for women to speak in public. Any money that women had was technically not their own money. The husband had total control over what the money was used for. The most important fact that women felt was the fact that women could not vote. One person that really helped the declaration get noticed and looked at carefully was Fredrick Douglass. A man that stuck up for womens rights. He helped these ladies get a say in how unfair their rights were compared to men. Stanton formed her first movement in 1848. This group consisted of friends and other abolitionists. This group had no legal authority at all. Elizabeth obviously knew what she was doing because she was very well educated and was a part of the upper class. Another female named Lucy Stone married and refused to take her husbands last name. She was the first to do so as well. Why did she do this? She wanted to make it clear that she wasn't about to be owned by
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