Send Your Friend a Life in Diamond Dash Essay

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Prep4Civils Presents IGNOU’s Material Sociology: The Study of Society About Us: Prep4Civils, website is a part of Sukratu Innovations, a start up by IITians. The main theme of the company is to develop new web services which will help people. Prep4Civils is an online social networking platform intended for the welfare of people who are preparing for Civil services examinations. The whole website was built on open-source platform Wordpress. Contact Details: Website: Email: Disclaimer and Terms of Use: By following Creative Common License, for the welfare of large student body we are merging all the pdf files provided by IGNOU’s course material website egyankosh and redistributing the files by giving proper credit to IGNOU and the redistribution is based on the norms of Creative Common License. We are not commercially distributing the files. People who are downloading these files should not be engaged in any sort of sales or commercial distribution of these files. They can redistribute these copies freely by giving proper credit to the original author, IGNOU ( and “Prep4Civils” ( by providing proper hyperlinks of the websites. Any sort of clichés can be addressed at and proper action will be taken. UNIT 1 NATURE AND SCOPE OF SOCIOLOGY Structure 1.0 Objectives 1.2 What is sociology? 1.2.1 Concept of Society and Culture 1.2.2 Emergence of Sociology 1.2.3 . Social Groups 1.2.4 Kinds of Social Groups 1.3 Major Concerns of Sociology 1.3.1 Concept of Culture 1.3.2 Sociology and Science 1.4 Some Founding Fathers 1.4.1 August Comte 1.4.2 Emile Durkheirn 1.4.3 Max Weber 1.4.4 1.4.5 Karl Marx Herbert Spencer 1.S Sociology and other Social Sciences 1.5.1 Social Psychology and Sociology 1.5.2 Sociology and Anthropology 1.5.3

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