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Section 1: Your Senators and Representatives At the current address I reside in, my U.S. Senators are Bill Nelson who is a Democrat and George LeMieux who is a Republican. My Representative is John Mica who is a Republican of Florida in the 7th District. John L. Mica was first elected to the United States Congress on November 3, 1992, to represent the 7th Congressional District of Florida. The Current Elected Office Committees Mica serves on is: Oversight and Government Reform Transportation and Infrastructure, Rnk. Mem. ----- The committee Chairperson is James L. Oberstar and the Ranking Member is John L. Mica. There are forty five Democrats and only thirty Republicans on this Committee. Section 2: Legislation: Recent Bills A recent bill would have to be the, Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act Chamber: Senate Bill Number: S. 3424 Sponsor: Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) Summary of bill: Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act - Amends the Animal Welfare Act to define a "high volume retail breeder" as a person who, in commerce, for compensation or profit: has an ownership interest in or custody of one or more breeding female dogs; and sells, via any means of conveyance, more than 50 of the offspring of such dogs for use as pets in any one-year period. Considers such a breeder of dogs to be a dealer. Requires dealers to include on licensing applications and annual renewals the total number of dogs exempted from exercise on the premises of the dealer in the preceding year by a licensed veterinarian. Requires the Secretary of Agriculture to promulgate requirements for the exercise of dogs at facilities owned or operated by a dealer, including requiring daily access to exercise that: allows the dogs

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