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<BR>The Seminole Indians are a tribe of Indians who now <br> have territory and reservations in Florida and Oklahoma. <br> They once belonged to the Muskogee tribe that lived along <br> streams in what are now southern Georgia and Alabama. <br> The Seminoles moved to Florida and Oklahoma <br> around 1708 when the white men drove them out of their <br> homes and took their land. The Seminoles adjusted well to <br> life in Florida. <br> In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s Florida was a <br> territory of Spain, that made the Seminoles Spanish <br> citizens. Like white men, they had black slaves, but they <br> treated their slaves with respect. In the early 1800’s <br> General Andrew Jackson attacked…show more content…
This attack started the <br> First Seminole War. <br> Florida was sold to the United States by Spain in <br> 1819. In 1823 the Seminoles signed a treaty giving up most <br> of their land. Once they moved into their new reservations <br> in Central Florida Andrew Jackson who was president at <br> the time signed the Indian Removal Act which required all <br> Seminoles to move to the Indian Territory, which is now <br> known as Oklahoma. Most of the Seminoles wouldn’t go. <br> This started the Second Seminole War. During the Second <br> Seminole War many of the Seminoles gave up and went to <br> Oklahoma. The ones that didn’t had to hide deep in the <br> Everglades where the white men couldn’t find them. <br> Osceola was taken prisoner by the United States <br> government. He died in prison. <br> The Florida Seminoles never signed a formal peace <br> treaty with the United States. The Seminole Indians are <br> still living in reservations in Florida and Oklahoma, The <br> Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., has its headquarters in <br> Hollywood, Florida, where there is a replica of a

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