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Seminole Native American Tribe North America has many tribes. I became interested in Native American culture after learning that there is an Indian tribe named the Seminoles, located in Florida. The Seminole Indian tribe is also located in other states and cities. The development of the Seminole Indian tribe was a huge turning point for the state of Florida. The Seminole Indian tribe had difficulties at times, but in the end, they became very successful. The origin, culture, traditions, leaders, and wars are just a few of the reasons why I find the Seminole Indian tribe interesting. It all began when a group of Indians named the Creeks, migrated to Florida. “The Creek Indians were from Alabama and Georgia and decided to migrate in the 1700s.…show more content…
The settlers started to want Indian land and their previous slaves back as well. With conflicts and confrontations, comes war. Three wars occurred against the United States involving the Seminole Indians in Florida. The Seminole Wars turned out to be “America’s Longest Indian Conflict” as the wars happened over a 40 year time span. “The first was a punitive excursion led by Andrew Jackson. The second war was part of the devastating Indian removals. The final war was an attempt to remove the last remnants of the Seminoles from their homes in the Everglades” (Missall…show more content…
For example, tourism and bingo have been the places where they have received a lot of profit. The money they earned is sometimes used to enhance their reservations throughout Florida. The Seminoles provide schools in some of their reservations and also get the attention of tourists by having tours of their land. They also get the attention of tourists by having a large casino on a reservation spot. In the beginning, the “Seminoles primary source of revenue was through trade in animal hides and crafts” (Seminole History 1). The Seminole Indians have made a great name for

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