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. Some of the benefits The television series House, MD is filled with legal and ethical tries and tribulations. This show is about a Dr who works on the line of medicine and legality. Many of his patient decision reflect his own views and he has broken the law many times to keep his patients alive and well. Weather it right or wrong morally is not the issue many of the scenarios ultimately to him saving the life of his patient verses following confidentiality or hospital policy yet despite is resistance to following rules he still works there because saving lives out weight the laws in many cases. House, MD violate patients by entering their homes most of the time un- knowingly which can be considered criminal and he doesn’t stop and think twice about patient confidentiality most of the time. In one episode he disclosed to the partner of a patient that the patient may be using drugs just so he could get the patient to be more open and so he could properly help the patient with the necessary treatment. Confidentiality, HIPPA or legal consequences mean nothing when he is set on diagnosing and treating a patient. House MD, is also suffering from substance abuse stemming from an accident that left him hooked on prescription pain medication. This is the first show to tackle Methadone treatment as a way to normalcy. House ultimately decided with help not to use Methadone however it shed light on the alternative drug and all the legal aspects of professionals taking it as an alternative to heroin. This show is a great contribution to understanding how the line between legal and medical can be so

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