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7/1/2013 Unit 3 seminar option 2 CM206 Interpersonal Communications Prof: Jamie Camp 1. How are your identity and social views defined, sustained, and reinforced by the cultures within which you immerse your life? My identity as a Christian is holy and good we sin as any other person. We go to church every Sunday and praise our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We pray to god every now and then. As Christians we socialize with people who are like us or good and nice. We socialize with non Christians. The religion with friends really doesn’t matter. 2. What is a strong value, belief, or attitude you have that you learned from your family while growing up? God will always be there for you when you need him not when you want him. God is always on time. Blood is thicker than water. Be there for your family members. A cousin is nothing compared to a sibling. If you’re not baptized you going to hell. 3. What are some general world views that you hold? Where did you learn them? A church is the home of the lord and is the holiest place. I learn that at church. Bars and clubs hold sin that is bound to happen. A home is not a home without your family. I learned to grow up with my parents and siblings in Mississippi. 4. What do you remember being told as a child that still influences your behavior today in a negative way? In a positive way? Stay loyal to who you are and life will deal with the rest in a positive way and the devil will test you so keep smiling no matter what. Good thing will happen to who put well in the world. 5. How might you benefit from changing your self-concept If you realize in advance that you may struggle against change, you’ll be prepared for the tension that accompanies personal growth. I can think critically about which social perspectives to accept and which to reject. For instance, I should critically reflect on the

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