Semester System In Higher Education Essay

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SEMESTER SYSTEM IN HIGHER EDUCATION AND ITS MERITS. Honorable Chairman of the session, learned delegates, my esteem teachers and friends. I being the student of first batch of semester scheme for graduation, of Karnataka University studying in 6th semester feel lucky to present my views in a brief write up. I seek the permission of chair to go ahead to present the same. Today the topic under discussion is the topic which is being frequently discussed by us since the Karnataka University introduced the semester scheme for the degree courses. I strongly believe that semester scheme is extremely beneficial for the students. It is a sign that we are marching towards the development because almost all the developed countries have adopted the semester scheme which means this system must be having some unique qualities which are favorable for the students. First of all, the semester based method makes teaching and learning more scientific. It is good for the students as the syllabus is broken up into units that are to be learnt in a specific time frame. Moreover, as testing and evaluation are done in a continuous manner student can be sure of a more realistic assessment of their academic capabilities than what is done in the annual scheme. The actual process of learning is also more methodical in this scheme. Each topic to be covered in the syllabus is allotted a learning time. The student learns not just by taking down notes during a lecture, but he has to do self study; visiting the library, browsing the net and preparing for seminars and presentations. This results in comprehensive learning of the topic at hand. The added advantage is that each of these presentations and seminars is evaluated and marks are given. Throughout the semester the students will be in touch with the subjects and due to its hectic schedule there will be no time to waste. This system forces

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