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The Semantic Web Introduction Today’s Web The advent of computers was done to aid computations and laborious repetitive processing but the World Wide Web has transformed the way people conduct business, they way process information and the way they communicate. With the social web, people are now the producers and consumers of information. The major success of WWW is attributed to the search engines, as they are the major tools today. However serious problems associated with the key word based prevalent search. The Semantic Web Vision Relevant pages are not retrieved for our queries as results are keyword based and sensitive to vocabulary. It is essential that semantically similar queries should return similar results. If information is spread over various documents, we must initiate several queries to collect relevant documents and then manually extract partial information and put is together. At times we get the desired results from search, yet one has to browse through various documents to extract the information one is looking for. The search results are not readily accessible by other software tools. The problem area today is that the meaning of Web content is not machine accessible. Never the less, there are tools that retrieve texts, split them into parts, check the spelling, count their words, but when it comes to interpreting sentences and extracting useful information for the users, the capabilities of current software are very limited. Simple two sentences like : I am a research scholar and I am a research scholar, you may think, well ….. would be difficult to distinguish. Improving the current situation Using highly sophisticated techniques based on artificial intelligence and computational linguistics is one probable solution. However this approach has been followed for some time now, but despite some advances, the task still appears too

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