Selling Your Art Without Selling Your Soul Essay

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So, selling art without selling your soul. It's not impossible. But it does require a different approach. A really different approach. Creating art that reflects who you are - your soul's uniqueness and unique expression - is hard these days. We're overwhelmed and overloaded with imagery and sound. Ad chatter and the continuing absorption and transmission of aesthetic trends generate so much noise in the channel that it's hard to tell what's ours and what isn't. These days, most people assemble their "uniqueness" from a menu of pop-culture themes and trinkets - a little punk here, a little hip-hop, a dash of hipster, a drop of steam punk, and a few carefully collected images and works from your favorite entertainers, pundits, artists, etc. - and voila! You've assembled yourself - like a pop-culture Mr. or Ms. Potato Head. If you're a master of self-denial - and most of us are - you will eventually come to believe all these pop-culture components are actually you. It doesn't help that so much of today's pop-culture touts itself as some sort of rebellion. Independence is a commodity these days - rebellion and individuality has become an ad gimmick. Be a Rebel - buy my crap. Be an individual - customize your cell phone, pick a ringtone, drive a Scion, pimp your MySpace page. But you're not one of those people, are you? No. You reject everything that pop-culture has to offer. You make your own clothes. You eat and drink organic. You don't wear makeup. You never listen to anything from a major label. You care about the environment. You hate the government, Top 40, television, radio, and everything square. You REALLY ARE an individual. Keep saying that over and over again. But realize that you have joined the ranks of a growing number of individuals that look, sound, talk and live just like you do. Maybe that's a good thing. Or maybe it's just the flip side of the

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