Selfishness In 'Oedipus The King'

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Pamela Lora Ap Literature Period 2 10/29/09 “Oedipus Rex” Previously I have mentioned we have common flaws, one flaw that was pionted out in the play was selfishness. One of the characters that had that flaw was Teiresias, the soothsayer. In the play Oedipus calls Teiresias to come and see if he could see who was the murderer of king Laios. But Teiresias saw more than that but he didn’t want to be the one to tell Oedipus the truth. So Teiresias kept rebelling against Oepidus to let him go and not to bother him. In todays society humans are also like that. They think more of what might happen to them than how its going to affect the other person. This can be interpreted as selfishness. This is something that is common between children, adolescent, adults, and senoir citizens. Whether its from a child not sharing a toy or an adult not admitting that they were the cuase of a murder and affecting others because of their decision.…show more content…
After Oedipus accused Teiresias of being a liar, but then he accused Creon, his brother- in- law, of bribing Teiresias into lying to him and making him think that he was the murder. He believed Creon was after his position as king. Human beings are also quick to say something without thinking about it and end up saying something wrong or offensive to others. But Oedipus remain stubborn and didn’t believe Creon either when he trie to tell Oedipus that he doesn’t want to be king, just like humans would if they really wanted to believe that they were right. Our conscience is developed in a complicated way that can only know and hold certain knowledge. But when something beyond our mind’s capacity like murder its only natural to be driven by guilt, thus cuasing you to lose your sanity. That also one reason why people say, “ I can’t live with that on my
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