Selfishness Essay

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The other day i went over to my moms to trim my little sisters hair. We watched a movie while i cut and she told me how things had been going at the house. I felt a little torn when she told me that she was starting to get fed up staying at the house all the time, cooking and cleaning and putting everything in its place after the move. Sure a 17 year old shouldnt be having the burden of setting up a home on her own, or cooking dinner every single night, but these are skills she will have to learn eventually so i guess its good she is learning now and has been learning. I feel bad because she stepped into part of the role i had when i lived with them.Though truth be told i havent been living there much in the years since i turned 14, the age at which i left and spent months on my own before returning for a few months and then leaving again. I feel bad for my sister because i was in that second parent role while i was living there but i lived away alot too and she was left to pick up the slack that i had. She however doesnt pay bills like i had to start doing at 15. She doesnt know either all the money i had put into her upbringing and care. She didnt see that mom wasent buying all the bathroom supplies or buying food, she sees that now but a few yearsago she didnt. I never told her that it was me two years ago that bought her school uniforms and supplies. She apprieciated and resented that it was me who took her to orientation at the new school and mom was noowhere to be found. So she got very upset when i completly lost it when mom let her drop out of school. I probably should have handled it better but it was my money that went down the drain and it was i who was completly baffled that my mom would sign the papers to have another kid drop out, like she did me. My sister does resent that i stepped into a mother role with her. She apprieciates and hates
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