More Selfish People In Today's Society

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More Selfish People in Today’s Society One of the most important issues in society today is that people do not care as much for others as for themselves. There has been an argument between researchers about why publics are more mean and self-interested in the last decade? In my opinion, this discourtesy is because of two reasons: they want more money and power. First of all, why societies want more money and how they get it? The bad economic situation causes several financial problems for many people who have more than one job; however, they still cannot afford their payments. Consequently, they have to focus on themselves more than others by saving money .For example, one of my friends has been living for ten years in a small town in Iran…show more content…
Thus, this belief produced the charge of rude behaviors in general. For example, I was absent in Calculus class last year, so I asked my classmates about the homework; however, she did not tell me about a coming up test .Therefore, I did not prepared for the test and I got “C” while she got “A”.I found out that she was jealous; so, she did not say anything about the test the reason that she wanted to have a better grade than me. Another example is my brother (Ali) and our neighbor (Afshin). My brother was applying for a job as an engineer in a private company while Afshin was looking for a job too. Thus, Ali told him about the company which was hiring .Afshin applied in that company while he knew that my brother wanted the same position like him. Finally, when the company’s investigator came to Afshin for asking some questions about my brother, he told some bad thing about Ali to her. As a result, Afshin hired instead of Ali even though my brother encourage him at the first place. Afshin was self-interested and do not care about my brother’s life because he wanted to get that position. Similarly, Afshin wanted to be in a higher place that people call just him “engineer” in our

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