Self Test Hirshi Theory

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Travis Hirschi's Social Control Theory, was created in the late nineteen sixties. In trying to figure out why people follow "the law," Hirschi believed that people only became criminals when their bond to society was weakened. Hirschi believed that all humans, being animals, are hedonistic by nature and when they are not restricted by a society that forbids certain crimes (or even pleasures), then they may be tempted to participate. In fact, Hirschi himself said, "We are all animals and thus naturally capable of committing criminal acts." Because this is so, Hirschi believed that it was conformity to society's laws that needed explanation. Hirschi describes four specific elements of social control or "conformity" which are, attachment, expressed concern about what others think, or sensitivity to the opinion of others that would lead individuals to avoid crime and negative behavior in order to avoid disappointing a respected individual or group teachers or parents. Commitments, investment of time, energy and oneself in a particular form of conventional activity and awareness that deviant behavior would place such investment at risk. Involvements, sufficient time and energy spent on conventional activities such that less time remains for delinquent behavior and for last, beliefs, the extent to which an individual has been socialized into and accepts the common belief system, assuming there is a common value system within the society or group. When applying the Travis Hirschi's Control Theory to myself I personally can say why I wont become a delinquent in the near future, because the social bonds I maintain with society that is with, my mom, daughter, the father of my child, husband, sister, brother, niece, aunts, uncles, neighbor and a reason that stop me from commiting crime, that is where the frist elememt of the hirchi theory comes in, which is
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