Self Reliance Essay

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Emerson Self Reliance Emerson was a very smart philosopher/poet. In his essay he tries to convince the readers to be self-reliant by having confidence in their self and by not changing their personality because of popular culture. He uses many great examples to explain his thoughts on self reliance and make it clear for the reader. He was a very idealistic person and he was all about expressing your own ideas untainted by the upbringing and traditions imposed on us. He was also very confident and independent on his own thoughts and he used creative ways to express them. Self-reliance is when you can trust yourself and value your own opinions. In the essay “Self Reliance” by Emerson, he tells his readers to retain the outspokenness of a small child who freely speaks his mind. As simple as that sounds, it is very hard to do. Especially when you are around friends that judge and nit pick every little thing that you say or any action that you make. Emerson also tells his readers to take pride in their own individuality and never be afraid to express their own original ideas. That is a very tough thing to do mainly for teenagers because of the insecurities most adolescents feel. It is a time in our life when we are trying to fit in rather than just being ourselves. Emerson believes that we begin as individualists and later grow into being conformists (A World Of Ideas pg. 257). A conformists is a person who conforms to accepted behavior or established practices. He believes that the young are less likely to be conformists than those in the middle ages. He insists to his readers that they must become nonconformists. He also says that people with self-reliance not only change them but also change the world. What he means by that is that people who have self confidence are able to share their opinion with others and make decisions uninfluenced by others and

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