Self Reflection of Cyrano de Bergerac Essay

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What Really Defines You? Does outer appearance express who someone really is? Are these imperfections a definition? Manipulating our actions and our thoughts, our imperfections haunt us. There is a struggle of seeing past this outer shell; it’s the first thing a person sees. Or for Cyrano it’s his “magnificent” nose. In Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano De Bergerac, Cyrano degrading and repulsive self-perception makes him manipulative and over confident relationship in his with Valvert and Christian. We all are a bit different in the way we appear and who we really are, and who we hide from others. In the play, Cyrano appears heroic, possessed of an extraordinary wit and a dizzying array of skills which is evident in his actions in the beginning of the play in the theatre demanding Montfleury to get off the stage, CYRANO. Off the stage (the crowd closes in with an angry murmur. He quickly turns around) Is there something you want to say to me? Speak up! Here, Cyrano comes off as untouchable, he feels as if he doesn’t have to worry about anybody daring to challenge him. His tone is evidently extremely cocky and pugnacious, he dares somebody to duel him; he yearns for the feeling of appraise when he wins. Then when Cyrano is asked what the master of the theatre should do about refunding his funds, he simply and impulsively throws away his months savings, BELLEROSE. What about the money that will have to be refunded? CYRANO. Now there’s the first sensible thing that’s yet been said...Here take this purse and be quiet. This behavior is seen more in characters that seem to have something to prove to the world. Here you can see his impulsive actions show others he feels untouchable. Though his confident perception is overly present at times he is also a bit self-conscious. His private self is dark and despondent. Cyrano hides his insecurities
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