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BSAD 315: Management of Organizations Block one, Spring 2011 The University of Findlay Dr. Martelli Self Reflection Paper Jennifer McCoy 04-February-2011 Jennifer_McCoy_Self-reflection_1 Abstract At the beginning of the semester, each student was given a weekly self assessment assignment. This assignment was justly implemented to make the student aware of their levels of achievement in the management field. These scores were then used to show the student how ethical their behavior, their personal priorities, a personality profile, job satisfaction, and their Theory X and Theory Y leadership behavior. I chose these five assessments because they showed the closest resemblance of my personality and on the job conduct. My answers are not surprising to me, but helped me realize my managerial potential and gave me insight into what areas I need to change or improve. Self Reflection How Ethical is Your Behavior? What is ethics? states that ethics is a branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of motives and ends of such actions (, 2011). According to the self assessment in the book, Management Fundamentals, this was used to see how ethical your behavior is (Lussier, 2009 a). I never thought I had issues in this area, because I always felt that I was fair. I seem to have some misinterpretations of myself. This test was constructed as a grading scale of one through four, with one being frequently and four being never. The same questions were answered by marking an O for observed, or R for reported. My total score was an eighty four out of one hundred. The O and R test proved to me that I observed more than I reported. What does this test show about my moral behavior? It showed me that I have higher morals when

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