Self Reflection Essay

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SECTION 1 1.1 My main concern in studying this course is the quality of the course itself. The course has been approved but not accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). I’m also concerned about having to deal with incompetent lecturers and incomprehensible teaching methods. Besides that, I’m also concerned about my habit of procrastinating which will make the situation worse when I have many assignments to submit. Another concern of mine is the potential in building a network throughout the 3 year course. Being the reserved person that I am, I find it rather difficult to start a conversation when I’m meeting new people. It usually takes a while for me to warm up and feel connected to someone. My next concern is the ability to manage the subjects offered. I may be familiar with some of the subjects but the rest of them are entirely new to me. I’m also concerned that my writing skill does not meet the standard of the college-level writing which may affect my achievement. 1.2 Strengths * Effective numeracy skills * Avid learner * Note-taking * Test preparation | Weaknesses * Oral communication skills * Procrastination * Poor time management * Presentation skills | Opportunities * Get a further education on a part-time basis * Develop more skills * Attending conferences and seminars to create a wider network | Threats * Tendency to waste time * High job market competition * Problem of miscommunication | I’d consider my effective numeracy skills as my greatest strength. I have joined several competitions and quizzes, one of them being the World Maths Day. It really helps that I love dealing with numbers. I describe myself as an avid learner. I’m always interested in learning new things, mainly by reading and it has been working quite well. I’m still amazed at how much knowledge there

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