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Reflection 1 Self-Reflection L. Strong Management. MGT 521 Clance Doelling Reflection 2 I’ve taken two statistical research classes and enjoyed them. I am hoping it will all come back to me. I believe that no manager holds the future in their hands. Our department will have to forecast and keep up with technology to get ahead. Some companies use experts to predict what’s better for the company but sometimes they use their own analysts. We use tax conferees. But don’t we need to know a little bit about it ourselves so we know what to ask the tax conferees? Sometimes forecasting can be a lot like solving, if you remember, the Rubik’s Cube but even it came with instructions showing a peek at the right answer. Since we as managers and supervisors are sometimes faced with an ever-changing environment and less than perfect information we need to improve the accuracy of our plans ourselves. This can be done by incorporating the proper tools and techniques for better planning. The Quantitative Reasoning for Business class will prepare us for our future’s as well as courses in economics, finance, accounting, operations and research. One example of this is as follows: As a part of operations my manager who may be contemplating the assignment of overtime to employees should know that there will be a relationship between the hours worked and the increase to payroll costs. It will have a direct and proportional relationship. The decision will be made with the assistance of linear programming. It will determine the best way to allocate resources. I took finance, accounting and economics at Community College, Eastern University, and the University of Phoenix. Finance and Accounting were similar. Finance entails budgets, financial statements and their analysis

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