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presents SelfPublishing Joel Friedlander Don’t Make These 10 Common Self-Publishing Mistakes! You Need to Know About 10 Things © 2009–2010–2011 Joel Friedlander. All rights reserved. Introduction Are you thinking about turning your work in progress into a work in print? Or maybe you’re realizing you can publish straight to e-books with little cost or risk. But while a lot of publishing has become more available, that doesn’t mean it’s become any easier or less confusing. In fact, there are some good reasons it’s actually harder today to figure out how to publish your book than it’s been in the past. Take a look at this chart, which shows how books were traditionally self-published. Very similar to traditional publishing, we polished our manuscripts, went through a design and production process that took some time, printed a bunch of books at a short-run book printer, and then used the available channels to sell our books. It took a lot of creativity and drive, and thousands of dollars, but we did it. Let’s look at what this process looks like now, on the next page: Page 2 | 10 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing This new world of self-publishing looks like an out-of-control spaghetti party, doesn’t it? There are so many new options since the introduction of print on demand (POD) and e-books, so many new ways to find an audience, and so many choices you face when you try to come up with a strategy that will get you to your goals. That’s where this guide will help. It’s got lots of realworld tips so you can begin to position, publish and promote your self-published book. (And avoid a whole bunch of mistakes along the way.) So let’s get started! Page 3 | 10 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing 1: Start Building Your Author Platform Today Set up or assess social media / author platform presence and responsiveness

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