Self Placement Essay

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In this “self and place” project, I portrayed myself place in artistic world. Recently, I found my interest in calligraphy. So I collect some Korean quotes or poems that I liked and hand write them to make bookmarks. The first photograph shows my calligraphy works. I wrote them on the color paper and printed with images that could exaggerate the mood of the words. In this composition I have made use of strong diagonal line by placing a brush pen on the right corner. This is to give focal point to the pen. Also I used blurring effect on the background to emphasize the pen. These create a sense of movement that starts from the brush pen to all around every square. The edge of the papers made vertical lines to give symmetrical balance to the photo. In addition, the different amount of lights on the upper right and bottom left give balance with the main object that is on the bottom right. Also the horizontal lines of the writings give sense of stability because it divides the photograph as the guidelines of “the rule of thirds”. Lastly, the color scheme that I used here is split-complementary color, which includes red, violet, yellow and green. The second photograph I wanted to present myself doing a calligraphy work on my desk. To give a connection between the two photographs I crop the brush pen and attach to the photo using Photoshop. In this composition I have made use of strong diagonal line via the placement of the brush pen that balances with the edge of a paper on the left side. For the background, I used black and white to give focal point to myself. Even though the main object (myself and brush pen) is bright in color but also apply the rule of thirds to create more tension and interest to the photograph. Also the differences of the light between two sides (left and right) create a sense of movement along one side of the image. This directs the viewer’s eye

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