Self Modivation Essay

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When thinking of colleges I always wanted to stay close to home. My church is my backbone yet God is my spine. My patents are something like my limbs they are accessories yet necessities, they seem to keep me spiritually and intellectually stable. For the simple fact that my grades weren’t quite up to par during school I couldn’t afford to be fastidious. Although this is the case while holding onto the past and often wish things were different I still hold onto my determination to be successful. My astonishment peeks when I think of getting a second chance to prove my capability. I plan on majoring in forensic accounting and although that major is not held her at MSU I intend on simply majoring in accounting for the time being. As I get older I attempt to be independent by figuring things out on my own but I always seem to come across a problem that just seems too large for me to take on by myself and I find that my parents are the ones I go to. They seem to be there for me no matter what and although I know this is the case I don’t want them to be my crutch but more so just a shoulder for me to lean on. Because of the fact that I know where I want to be and at the same time how I don’t want to end up is enough of an inspiration for me. I have promised myself as well as my parents that I will be the one completely ripe apple out of the bunch oh semi eatable apples barely making it. I will not let setbacks be my excuse from trying again. I intend on bonding with the MSU faculty, just knowing when the right words are said at the right time those are the words of inspiration that seem to stick with me the most. I’m hoping to find a mentor that I can connect with and at the same time always is realistic about everything no matter the situation or the circumstance may be. If u could see through my eyes, I wonder what you’d be

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