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Growth Background | I was raise under faithful Christian family as my father is a pastor and this had provided me to learn and experience the presence of Heavenly Father. Also fortunately the church was operating English institute under the goal of evangelism, so I got to have chances staying with foreign missionary and automatically learn English. Since I was in elementary, every vespers and week of prayer, I was in charge of translation. English camp, English speaking contest and English related events slowly but stably increased my interest and passion in English. For 2 years, my family flew to Philippines to study. In AIIAS, Americans, Germans, Papua New Guineas, Myanmars, Africans, and so many friends I met from all different countries over the world during my 7-8th grade. And by this, I experienced several cultures and learned the differences.My father always told me to be a person who is needed and we all have different abilities and method in serving. Following his philosophy of education, I started finding my way of serving for the Lord. With school native teachers, I had visited an orphanage and taught them English. I have been to government kindergarten for the disabled to teach them English and encourage them. And every Sabbath, I served in Samyook elementary school, as an assistant teacher, guiding them and translating native's sermon. And through this serving experience, I got to find my talent . | Motive and Aspiration for Application | I loved English and found it very interesting since I was young and found it so valuable serving others. Especially to children, I steadily kept serving them by teaching them English and I found it appropriate to my aptitude. Teaching makes not only others but makes me learn and grow, improving my character and thoughts. What motivates me apply for this Nowon English camp is this: I just love children and I will get

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