Self-Identity Essay

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Name: Ngan Pham ADOLESCENT IDENTITY As human beings, all of us grow up with a fundamental task to search for the answer to the question: “Who am I?” In the teenage years, however, young people are the most aware of their personal identity. This is a crucial time for early adolescents as they will be experiencing many changes throughout the journey of determining who they are and creating their own sense of self. When a person is transferring from childhood to adolescence, it is very likely that they will face many challenges and run into a lot of conflicts. There are many factors involved which can have a great impact on identity formation. The most primary area is the family. Although parental influence might not be as strong during the teenage years, it had played a significant role on shaping a person’s characteristic, providing them with a firm life script throughout their childhood. For instance, a person who grows up always hearing compliments from their parents would tend to feel better in comparison to the ones who are being told off and constantly receive negative comments. As teenagers often distance themselves from adults, the possibility of friends affecting adolescents’ behaviors and attitudes would certainly be magnified. Whether it’s positive or negative, peers’ influences are inevitable and important for this developmental stage. “At its best, peer pressure can mobilize a teen’s energy, motivate for success, and encourage them to conform to healthy behavior.” On the contrary, peer relationship can also bring many negative effects. There are many adolescents who would do almost everything: “gang involvement, substance abuse, authority defiance, just to fit in and get accepted by a group of friends.” Many teenagers force themselves to change the way they look, dress, behave or even remove their own values because of people they associate with.
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