Self Harm & Anxiety Essay

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In this century, depression is one of the leading psychological problems amongst teenagers. It’s normal to feel depressed about misfortunes and such. However, there are certain teenage individuals that suffer through depression, as a mental illness. There are many pressures and causes of sadness that often lead to an individual feeling anxious and finding ways to cope with the sadness on impulse. Teenagers at the turn of the century now feel inclined to be “perfect”. I believe that a mixture of low self esteem, social pressure and parental neglect can lead to self harm and anxiety. Self harm and anxiety disrupts lives of the people it afflicts and in many cases has resulted in adolescent suicide. Individuals that suffer from low self esteem treat themselves as ugly, unworthy and useless. Now days, media portrays individuals in a way that makes teenagers conscious of their appearance and often brings their self esteem down. Not only the media, but teenagers themselves have a huge impact on other teens, causing them to have low self esteem. They feel the need to look and be “perfect” at all times. However, when they are unsuccessful in doing so, they become anxious and begin self harm. Self harm is deliberate attempt to harm the body and occurs when an individual is facing a displeasing feeling of fear and concern. To teenagers, physical appearance is very important as it is most influential. The teens that feel they are “ugly”, feel inferior when they are compared to an individual that they consider better looking. When this happens, the teen begins to feel distressed and anxious and immediately finds ways to cope, such as cutting on the wrists or burning themselves with a cigarette. Teens that have low self-esteem usually end up degrading themselves and depending on self harm to help them get through. Low self esteem is one of the major causes of teenagers
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