Self Hapiness Essay

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In life everything an individual does in effort to find their own self-happiness whether it is the little things or big things in life. Once the self-happiness is achieved one may truly find self-actualization. Self happiness occurs when an individual finds something or someone that they love and at first one might not realize what they have found but they will always need that something in there life to truly feel whole. This is shown in “The Novice” where the mate is always drawn to the docks everyday to find that piece of himself that makes him feel whole. In my life I have this feeling with football. If I am not playing I am watching it, if I am not watching it I am thinking about it. It became more than just a sport it had become apart of me and my lifestyle and gave me that feeling of being whole, and I had realized that this is that feeling that all individuals are searching for in all aspects of there lives. When individuals achieve and find there self-happiness it gives them an easier view of their life’s and allows them to have self-actualization. When an individual achieves self-actualization it allows them to have a different view on their lives and see what there goals are and what they are working towards in life. Self actualization is important in ones life because it allows you to set goals and see your self working towards them rather than just working towards something you do not know you even want or understand. In life when I achieve self-actualization it allows me to not only work harder but also see myself reach my goals for example when I am working on my home work I not working on it because I really want it to be done, but because I know it is going to help me get towards where I want to go in life and achieve set goals. Once an individual can achieve both self-actualization and self happiness they can truly have the feeling of

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