Self Fulfilling Prophecies

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Many studies have shown that there are gaps in achievement based on ethnicity and socioeconomic status, and that teachers tend to have lower expectations for children in disadvantaged groups. Yet I feel the exact opposite. I do not lower my expectations for children. I feel like I strive to help those children more. Maybe because I was brought up in a lower income home as a child. I don’t think that your success in school has anything to do with race, poverty or any disadvantaged group because with the right guidance and help any Person let alone child can thrive. But I do believe if a child is in a negative environment that it does hinder growth. I believe that Self Fulfilling Prophecies do occur, although I do not think their effects tend not to be greatly significant and depend on a number of factors. A self-fulfilling prophecy is not magic! You can make the prophecy that you win the lottery, but doing so won’t raise your odds. Furthermore, all of us have a role in how our life unfolds. It’s true that society tells us who we are and what they expect of us, but there are countless examples of people who exceed expectations and do what no one thought possible. Many people struggle in school and go on to lead successful lives. In the same turn, some students who are identified as gifted go on to very little with those skills. I actually can say that I didn’t have any bad experiences with teachers in school. All of mine were very encouraging. My children’s teachers have been wonderful. I have mentioned before that my sons teacher’s helped him beyond words boosting his confidence and helping him out of his
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