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Self Evaluation, Personal Development Plan

  • Submitted by: ejdeep
  • on June 1, 2011
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Self Evaluation, Personal Development Plan

Week 28
Main objective: Learn and play LPW song Valerie, in RGS look at study on clave rhythms and E turning, in V&I to look at improvisation use chord tones, SR-CR to look at a mock chart reading exam, arrange and perform the song “till there was you” and quick study a diminished chords. SR-N looking at compound time signatures and sight reading exercises, Fret board alternate picking with the mind set to work on technique and methodical by with a click (metronome). With RSS learn and playing   “Golden Brown”  

LPW, I felt that I needed to come out more by means of volume and development on the horn parts on the chorus, this was also stated but my tutor who was doing LPW, he felt that I should had developed horn line for greater sound but felt I play the song very well.
RGS I find that clave rhythm was achievable. As well as E tuning was an eye opening moment, are tutor also give us different tuning to work on as well.
V&I, in this lesson I felt that I need more time to find different ways to use chord tone and seeing better ideas when wanting implement into real time music. Also my tutor made the point that this only guide tool when finding it hard to improvisation or finding licks to play in a given movement of space in a song.
SR-CR, the mock exam seem to be my mainly problem, to be more to the point chords and the tutor for this lesson said the same thing, he believe that I must work on my chords.  
SR-N, my reading of notes need to be work on, my tutor for that this lesson said you need to be doing more practicing of notes.
Fret board, modes are the area where most of the work is really need.   Teacher gives the idea of pairing up and testing each other about modes.  
RSS , I found learning and playing   Golden Brown) this song hard work, my teacher also said that I need work on my techniques.

I’ve started to implement some new ways of working on my...

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