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Chitra (Rani) Buxani May 29, 2014 Self –Evaluation Paper COMM 1110 Public Speaking Wednesday 6pm Professor Lisa Riddle One of my strengths as a public speaker is that I have good eye contact with my audience. Having good eye contact will make the audience pay attention to you and the point you are trying to make. When I was growing up I quickly learned that if you want someone to listen to you with their undivided attention, you have to establish good eye contact with them first. Another strength is that I have a good tone of voice. I obtained this strength quickly mainly after having two boys and being an assistant teacher at the Crisp Primary School. When we are communicating with children properly and with the proper tone according to the situation, they will understand the message we want to convey as opposed to the unwanted message we are unintentionally or unconsciously conveying. I feel that a person’s tone of voice tells others a lot about their attitudes. The last strength that I…show more content…
One of my weaknesses is that I tend to over analyze/stress too much. This has been in my nature since I was a child. This fear has always held me back in speaking in front of an audience whether it is two or twenty. I fear has always been that I do not want to embarrass myself and seem like a failure in front of my peers. Another weakness I have as a public speaker is that I tend to stumble and skip sentences. This affects my public speaking because when you stumble and skip sentences your audience will most likely will not be able to understand the points that you are trying to make in your speech. They will get confused. My last weakness is that I lack the inner confidence. I am always judging and doubting myself. This affects my speech as I am always thinking how everyone will react to what I have to say or whether I will have enough and adequate information or whether I will be made fun

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