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RoD 2 Self Evaluation essay. As a mature student with a varied professional and working background my situation is perhaps a little different from the norm. My formal and professional studies were completed many years ago at Salford University, and were specific to my career in Banking. That sector has changed beyond recognition even over the last five years or so, principally with the changing demands of the sector, its customers and the way Banking is delivered. i.e. technology. Having said that, the principals behind it remain the same, as does much of the legislation, this stands me in good stead in terms of my personal 're learning' of the subject material within Banking. Moving forward timewise, and careerwise, I have worked in the printing industry as a Sales and Finance Director, in a wholesale news distribution company, as a project manager and in the catering industry. Apart from the obvious life skills that experience brings, specific to my area of desired teaching is a good grasp of Sage accounting. Sage is an off the shelf computerised accountancy package which is very popular across many industries and more importantly is an area which is taught within colleges. My teaching placement at Oldham college is with level 2 and level 3 students studying accountancy. my formal qualifications, knowledge of computerised accounts, accountancy in general and experience across a wide range of industry sectors leaves me well placed as a 'trainee' tutor. I am well read, mature, confident and present as such to my learners. Turning to the matter of my own literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, again I feel very comfortable. An excellent working use of English and also everyday mathematics are used daily within the classroom. I have assessed my skill levels within ICT and on the whole am fairly comfortable with the skill sets I have, having said that, there is

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