Self-Disclosure, Gender, and Communication

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Self-Disclosure, Gender, and Communication Jessica Spencer COM 200 Interpersonal Communication Instructor: Latricia Carter July 12, 2012 I can relate to this article on self- disclosure in relationships. I have had my fare shear of relationships that ended because the only thing that we would talk about was the chores and how our day went. We never really got to know each other aside from our favorite things in life. Now that I am with my fiancé I can see the importance of self- disclosure. We actually sit down and ask each other the first question that pops into our heads. I think that the self- disclosure that we shear has had a big impact on us getting engaged and wanting to spend our lives together. I do agree that self- disclosure is important and directly related to satisfaction in relationships. I think that self- disclosure keeps relationships interesting because you learn something new about each other every day. If there was no self- disclosure in a relationship I think that it would get boring never learning anything new about your significant other. Our text states that self- disclosure builds mutual trust between the participating parties. (Sole, K., 2011). Building mutual trust is an important part of having an intimate relationship and making an intimate relationship last. In my personal experiences with self- disclosure I have experienced several similarities among genders. Both men and women self- disclose information hoping to become closer to the person that they are self- disclosing to. Another similarity that I have encountered is that every person no matter the gender self- discloses similar information about themselves that another self- disclosed about themselves. I do feel that I fit into the generalizations of gender. As I was reading this week’s chapters and the assigned article I was thinking to myself I do a lot

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