Self Destructive Emotions Essay

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Self Destructive Emotions According to Duff Brenna, “All literature shows us the power of emotions. It is emotion, not reason, that motivates characters in literature. In other words, the strength of emotions is evident within all works. It is not common sense or rational thought but rather inner desire that motivates characters. This theme of the power of emotions emerges true in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the tragedy Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Both Jay Gatsby and Macbeth are motivated by their emotions rather than reason. Jay Gatsby was overcome by his delusional love, which led to him doing whatever it took in order to achieve his goal. Jay Gatsby, characterized as a materialistic and persistent person, is obsessed with Daisy Buchanan and will do whatever it takes to end up with her. Daisy symbolizes old money, which means that her family is quite wealthy. Jay Gatsby wants to achieve the American dream and he believes that Daisy is his way of doing it. Gatsby buys a house relatively close to Daisy’s house. He often throws wild parties in the hope for the day that Daisy might show up. Gatsby is all about money. He thinks that that is the factor that will help him attract Daisy. He doesn’t realize that Daisy is not interested in new money, which is what Gatsby symbolizes to her. Gatsby wasn’t really born into his money. He acquired it at a later time in his life, which makes him from new money. Gatsby enlists the help of his neighbor, Nick Carraway, to help him get closer to Daisy because Nick is Daisy’s cousin. Through a flashback, it became evident that Gatsby and Daisy had something going on between them. That came to an end partially because Gatsby had to serve in the military. Also, Daisy’s parents did not want her to be with Gatsby. They would rather her be with Tom Buchanan. He comes from old money too, which is what her parents

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