Self Deprivation Essay

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Student:Amanda Liu Teacher: Mr. Walters ENG 4U March 23, 2015 Lessons from Self-deprivation in life and “Siddhartha” In the last two weeks, I gave up meat and experienced the most difficult period of time in my life. From the comparison and contrast of the shramana life for Siddhartha, it is possible for me to be close to and understand several facts and principles of the world. The first important factor that influenced the self-deprivation result was the attitude. For me, I hold a negative attitude on the first day because I was forced to finish self-deprivation by giving up one thing I was used to have. At the beginning of my self-deprivation, I was over worried because I believed my health would be damaged without meat. For example, on the first day of self-deprivation, I considered it as an easy task but I complained myself on making such a decision when I was lying on the bed. I did not fall asleep until four o’clock in the morning although there was no evidence to prove any direct connection between insomnia and my vegetarian diet. Endless anxiety and depression may contributed to my suffering night. However, Siddhartha volunteered to experience the life of shramanas. “The brahmin saw that Siddhartha’s knees were shaking slightly. But he saw no wavering in Siddhartha’s face.”(Hesse,12). He challenged not only fasting but also a life without desire while I was forced to give up something and negative emotions engaged naturally. The initial attitude leads to the result of self-deprivation. Siddhartha confirmed his steady attitude since he requested his father to permit his leaving and I doubted myself on the first day. My self-denial to the task led to my failure in the last three days of self-deprivation. From study to the future dream, the attitude can help us to persevere until we reach the goal or destroy any opportunity for us. The second
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