Self-Confidence Essay

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Having self-confidence and living a healthy life is very important, without either of them your life may not be as joyful as others. In order for someone to live a healthy life style, they need to take responsibility for their own health. People must know how much they should be eating and how active they should be. Self-confidence levels can be lowered or raised by how healthy you’re living your life. Self-confidence can have a lot of effect on what you do in your life. It can determine the way you dress, the way you look, how you behave and who you hang out with. People with low self-confidence sometimes don’t live healthy lives. When people don’t have much self-confidence they aren’t motivated to do a lot of things, like workout or go do things with friends. Personal features can also have effect on how high or low somebodies self-confidence is. Living a healthy life means eating right, exercising, and having good social and family lives. Exercising is important to living healthy. When you exercise it keeps your body strong and healthy, there are some exercises that help your heart stay in shape, as well as exercises to keep your muscles strong, and your lungs working perfectly. Eating good, nutritious food is also a big factor in living a healthy life. Making sure you eat out of all 5 food groups to give your body all the nutrients it needs is very important. When people eat healthy it can raise their self-confidence because they will feel better about themselves for their good choices. Improving your self-confidence doesn’t have to be difficult, all you have to do is hang around people who make you feel comfortable, or do things that make you feel better about yourself, like volunteer work. Other ways to improve your confidence is to notice what your flaws are, talk about why you’re not confident, learn from your mistakes, think of all the successful

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